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Posted by nelsdrums at 10:45 pm

Check out this video from the last show featuring the K-9 Brass. Matt blows a killer solo, Steve rips some high notes while Bob plays some phat ones, and Mike wrote an awesome horn chart that has a cool “Chicago” style ending.

Thanks to Vince H. for the handheld camera work that really added some life to the club video. All in beautiful anamorphic 2:35 to 1. Try the “fullscreen” button on our new video controller.

If you want a version for your iPod Video,
click UFD-BreakItDown-02.23.2007.mp4

Posted by nelsdrums at 10:40 pm

Did you miss the last UFD performance? Were you in the audience? As a big “Thank You” for twelve years of support, we’re making the entire 45 minute video of the show available for FREE from the iTunes music store. Just click this link to get the Urban Family Dog – Twelfth Anniversary Concert. If that doesn’t work for you, try the link in the right hand column, or one of the other links at the bottom of this recent newsletter page.

Don’t have iTunes? Check us out on YouTube. Watch the entire Twelfth Anniversary Concert in streaming video.

Additional instructions for Windows users without iTunes. Launch the latest version of Quicktime Player. Choose “Open URL” from the file menu and paste this in:

Thanks to Sage Johnson from and everybody at The Gig for putting this video package together. There’s not many places you can play and get a cool video handed to you as you hit the door!

Posted by slimlilley at 11:54 am

Hey UFD Fans! Matt here writing to thank not only all of you who came out to our show last Saturday at The Gig, but to those of you who could not attend yet took the time to wish us well.  As a member of the band since early 1996 your dedication and support after all of these years continues to blow me away!! 

I know I speak for the entire band when a say “THANK YOU!’  and we’ll continue to do this thing thanks in large part to knowing you’ll be there to cheer us on and enjoy the vibe.

Posted by nelsdrums at 10:19 am
Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

We purchased a DVD from our last show at the Gig. This is a great service provided by the new owners of the Gig. It’s a pretty cool disc, except for the ridiculous graphics all over it. Being a graphic designer myself, it is really hard for me to overlook. went a little overboard in their branding effort. What would have been a great tool for bands – a nice edited video of a live performance – is marred by the monstrous logo bug in the corner, and the huge graphics overlayed at the beginning of each song. AlternaTV should take a lesson from VH1 or MTV to do professional, unobtrusive music video title graphics. Still, it is pretty cool.

Check out this clip of Bastard Child and let us know what you think.

Posted by nelsdrums at 9:29 am

We are developing a new UFD Slideshow and it is making it’s debut today with the photos from Matt & Keri’s birthday show. Thanks to Vince Hong for taking the photos, and thanks to everyone who came to the show. You were an awesome audience.

Posted by nelsdrums at 11:49 am

The entire 9-piece Urban Family Dog will be performing at The Gig on Melrose in honor of Keri and Matt’s birthdays, and Matt’s 10th year in UFD. Come on down to check out new material like “Hey Playa” and “Dog Bites”. Please contact your local UFD representative to get the discounted $8 advance tickets. (click the image above to print yourself a reminder)

    The Gig Hollywood
    7302 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA
    Saturday February 25th
    Birthday Party starts at 9:30 pm
    UFD Performs at 10:30 pm
    Pre-sale tickets $8, Tickets at door $12

Will you be joining us?

Posted by nelsdrums at 1:11 pm

Words and Music By Keri Johnson

Funk’s a concept
But still you wanna take a ride?
I guess I’m man enough to let it slide
Cause I got my honey of honeys, and all my homies

We be rollin’ spliffs and smoking stoagies
But to the stage! The flow I’m about to rage on this
Clap your hands for the band ‘cause we’re real for this!
We’re the last band making a last stand

The Westside funkable, never been punkable!
Got a phat sound putting ya’ll on the ground
To pay homage to the URBAN FAMILY DOG pound
And keeping pace with the gangsta greats

Putting time on the line and throwing funk your face
Fatal’s my boy, he could scatter ya’
G’s so smooth the call him the phantom
And I’m the head DOG, guarding the party ya’ll
MY Gangsta boys, come on and make some noise!


   Now Back the F**k Up!

Funkrock leader since the first record
Since back in the day when we were wall-wreckin’
Since we were multi-fingered, multi-single
Since then we been multi jingled, multi-blinged and multi-lingualed

I got glossed with the soft-steppin’
Cause I could dance and sing, and the BIZ preppin’
You mistook son, I ain’t never been the soft one
With a mic in my hand and band that never gets done

Are you stunned yet? Is you satisfied
Well keep your head up and wave your hands high
Cause ain’t nothing wrong this is a jam song
I’ll keep the jam strong to keep the jam long!


   Now Back the F**k Up!
   Don’t give Up….. Move the crowd….. Look around
   And Back the F**k Up!

Here’s a shout out to the family
Yeah you, your crew, and UFD in the trinity
It’s insanity, what we do to humanity
Definitively UFD lives in reality

Of what will be, when you see me
Dropping truth along with bringing unity
You can’t fight the funk you better join up
Be a part of something, NO funking for nothing

It’s the groove that the veterans paved out
Hooks so good that they will never played out
Suckas might crossed the line, but they get laid out
Class what’d you learn tonight?


   Now Back the F**k Up!
   Don’t give Up….. Move the crowd….. Look around
   And Back the F**k Up!

Posted by nelsdrums at 1:05 pm

Words By Keri Johnson and Josh Geller
Music By Charles Chastain and Urban Family Dog

Hey little girl
You look so sweet while you’re sitting there singing
Hey little girl
I think it’s time we get to swinging

Every time you turned around
I looked into your eyes
I what was dream, well
It could have been a lie

But every time you turned around
A thought had crossed my mind
You had to call me….


   Bad Bad Bad Dog!
   Wanna play with a hound babe
   You’d better learn the call [REPEAT]

Baby Baby
Let’s take a ride around the block for a while
Smooth so we groove on the back seat
Doing it Canine style

Well I can feel your hot breath
Panting hard through my fur
You wake a sleeping dog, well
You’ll get what you deserve

Didn’t mean to chase you up that
But then again
You’d probably do the same to me!


   Bad Bad Bad Dog!
   Wanna play with a hound babe
   You’d better learn the call [REPEAT]

Girlfriend, I’ve been thinking
Isn’t it time we got a place of our own
Feels like we’ve been together
More than a hundred years!

Is the sound of your heart in my soul
Soon, maybe soon will our time
And I’m ready to go

And every time you turn around
You’ll find me in your arms
Humping but with some charm

And every time you turn around
You will only see me
Me and only ME!


   Bad Bad Bad Dog!
   Wanna play with a hound babe
   You’d better learn the call
   Bad Bad Bad Dog!
   Don’t you know that I’m a wolf
   Get ready for the call from

   Urban Family Dog!

   You’d better learn the call