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Dog Bites

Posted by nelsdrums on November 25th, 2005 at 1:11 pm

Words and Music By Keri Johnson

Funk’s a concept
But still you wanna take a ride?
I guess I’m man enough to let it slide
Cause I got my honey of honeys, and all my homies

We be rollin’ spliffs and smoking stoagies
But to the stage! The flow I’m about to rage on this
Clap your hands for the band ‘cause we’re real for this!
We’re the last band making a last stand

The Westside funkable, never been punkable!
Got a phat sound putting ya’ll on the ground
To pay homage to the URBAN FAMILY DOG pound
And keeping pace with the gangsta greats

Putting time on the line and throwing funk your face
Fatal’s my boy, he could scatter ya’
G’s so smooth the call him the phantom
And I’m the head DOG, guarding the party ya’ll
MY Gangsta boys, come on and make some noise!


   Now Back the F**k Up!

Funkrock leader since the first record
Since back in the day when we were wall-wreckin’
Since we were multi-fingered, multi-single
Since then we been multi jingled, multi-blinged and multi-lingualed

I got glossed with the soft-steppin’
Cause I could dance and sing, and the BIZ preppin’
You mistook son, I ain’t never been the soft one
With a mic in my hand and band that never gets done

Are you stunned yet? Is you satisfied
Well keep your head up and wave your hands high
Cause ain’t nothing wrong this is a jam song
I’ll keep the jam strong to keep the jam long!


   Now Back the F**k Up!
   Don’t give Up….. Move the crowd….. Look around
   And Back the F**k Up!

Here’s a shout out to the family
Yeah you, your crew, and UFD in the trinity
It’s insanity, what we do to humanity
Definitively UFD lives in reality

Of what will be, when you see me
Dropping truth along with bringing unity
You can’t fight the funk you better join up
Be a part of something, NO funking for nothing

It’s the groove that the veterans paved out
Hooks so good that they will never played out
Suckas might crossed the line, but they get laid out
Class what’d you learn tonight?


   Now Back the F**k Up!
   Don’t give Up….. Move the crowd….. Look around
   And Back the F**k Up!