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UFD Site Revamp – Blogstyle

Posted by nelsdrums on October 7th, 2005 at 2:11 pm

Hello all. UFD will experiment with a new website format that will allow for more open communication between the band members and the public at large Download Beauty and the Beast movies. So far, only one person has been posting content to the site. With the new setup, others will be able to post content, and enter a dialog with friends and fans Download CustomRaid 5.

This setup is provided by Blogger. It is basically a weblog. I haven’t decided if it is best, or if we should be using some sort of BBS. In the meantime, this will be a fun experiment to see if anything happens Serum Crack. We may even set up a few private blogs for individuals in the band who have a lot to say. We are open to suggestions.

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